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Assistive Technologies: Service for elderly and disabled

We provide free service only for disable and older people. Our unique technology can help Disable and older people to use computer.

If you have a physical disability
There is equipment to help you use a computer if you have a physical impairment, for example:

  • a larger keyboard on your computer may help if you have difficulties with dexterity
  • devices are available that take the place of keyboards but are smaller and need less effort to press the keys
  • an 'on-screen keyboard' means you only needs a mouse to select characters on the screen
  • alternatives to using a standard mouse include joysticks or trackerballs, which can be easier to control and use
  • pointers and sticks are available that can be attached to the head and used to press keys on a keyboard
  • predictive text can help increase the rate of typing - after typing two or three letters, you are given a selection of words to choose from