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Donate your old pc

UsedPcJob offers a complete service to companies or individuals replacing their hardware. We are experts in end-of life IT asset management, including data destruction, computer refurbishment, reuse, and recycling. Donating your computers to UsedPcJob guarantees compliance with all UK legislation, including the WEEE directive, Data Protection Act and Environment Act. We will then make sure it works well, wipe all old data off it (very important!), replace any non-working parts, often add basic software and try to find a new home for it. It is not just for PCs, but printers, hubs, scanners, CD drives, even fax machines and photo-copiers! For every items we work on 

What sort of computers are useful for charities? In general, if your computer is older than a Pentium PC then it is unlikely that a charity will be able to use it. Most charities want to be able to run as uptodate software as possible and that needs newer computers. (This isn't a strict rule, just a guideline).

What about printers and other equipment? Yes, they can be useful too. Again, look at our list of organisations who recycle PCs and contact one of them.

Who are the beneficiary of your donation? UsedPcJob provides PCs to organisations in more than 100 different countries . The majority of these have gone to schools and community organisations in the third world world countries. see the list of organizations below we are linked with.

  • MINE computer training Program (South Asia)
  • Bangladesh Worldwide foundation

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